Murphy sat alone in the corner booth, staring at the diner. It was late – just a few regulars sat along the counter, eating cheap food after a long day.

It was raining outside. Hot, sticky rain, the kind you only got in Atlanta. 

Ten years, since he'd helped lead a convoy of refugees across the Midwest. Ten years since going underground in Chicago. Ten years that the UAG in the north still hunted and murdered the people that the nanoplague had given abilities.

Their death squads had branched out, combing the ruins of the east coast megalopolis for survivors. They took the adults who were left for their work camps and the children for their experiments.

Hancock and Murphy… they'd managed to stop a few of those over the years.  Dead Beat had stopped a few more. The Technopath was always plugged in these days, looking for a way in to the UAG's network systems. Something had hardened them, shortly after the convoy arrived in Atlanta.

Murphy took a drink of the coffee, and came back to the present.

 There were problems. Outlying farms to the north and west were making reports to the militia hub about night flying lights. Nothing had pinged on radar and investigators didn't see any sign of landings – but all the same. The UAG is getting closer.

War would follow them, this time. 

Ten years, we've had to prepare, and it still isn't enough, thought Murphy. They're coming for us, again. 


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Ten Years Later

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